What is an Oil Change all about?

Did you know that getting an oil change on a regular basis is one of the most important steps you can take to keep your car in good running condition? If so, there are some facts you need to know about changing the oil in your vehicle. For starters, an oil change does not have to be expensive if you take it to an expert to be done, but it is also not complicated for you to do yourself. Whether you pay someone else for an oil change or you decide to perform one yourself, the oil in your automobile’s motor must be changed regularly for proper maintenance and servicing.

Most vehicles will need an oil change every three thousand miles. This is the recommendation of most mechanics, leading automobile manufacturers, and car experts. In the United States, most people will try to change their oil every three to four thousand miles, or every three months. Looking for a place to get your oil change is very easy. Driving around Los Angeles you will see hundreds of different auto mechanic or auto repair shops that offer this service. You can usually stop in without an appointment and get your oil changed for around $20 to $60. The price discrepancy has to do with the type of oil you use in your car, such as synthetic oil or regular oil. If you ask for synthetic oil you will not need to change your oil as frequently but the price is around $60.

Here is some more information on the different types of oil used in vehicles.

Conventional Motor Oil – This is the most common type of oil that is used in vehicles. The chances that this is what you are currently using is very high. The reason most people use this type of oil is because it is the cheapest. Now most of the time when you go for the cheaper product you are going to get some negative effects. One of these negative effects with this type of lubricant is that it emits a large amount of pollution into the environment.

Full Synthetic Oil – Synthetic lubricant is exactly what it sounds like, something that is fabricated by man. Synthetic oil would be perfect for cars that drive a lot especially on freeways or cars that generally do a lot of driving. The deal with synthetic oil is that oil flows at a much lower temperature which allows the oil to last longer. In the long run this means that you will be visiting your auto mechanic less often and saving you money.

Synthetic Blend Oil – The synthetic blend oil is a mixture of both synthetic oil and tangible oil. These types of oils is the middle ground when it comes to expense. The synthetic oil blen is priced in between the conventional oil and synthetic oils. Depending on your car’s needs you can use this synthetic oil to increase the quality of oil that is used while saving a some money, and giving your car high quality oil.

Alright so why are oil changes important. When you get an oil change for your automobile, it’s very beneficial as it keeps the moving parts from touching each other, The hydrodynamic layer of oil which coats all the internal parts in addition to the regular motor oil helps to prevent the moving parts from rubbing together and creating friction, except in certain high areas. When this happens, the parts can be damaged, causing the car to stop running.

Getting an oil change also lets your vehicle rid itself of dirty fluids and harmful chemicals. Also, your car needs a way to rid itself of combustion by-products such as water with partially burnt gasoline. When you change your oil on a daily basis, not only do you help your vehicle run better, but you increase the resale value on it as people like to purchase cars that run well.